The aggravation in Ukraine has been provoked by US ambitions to prevent the Nord Stream 2 project from coming online

Washington is prepared to sacrifice Ukrainian statehood to keep the EU in its orbit

The US plans to accuse Russia of unleashing aggression in order to then force Europe to refuse to cooperate with Moscow on NSP2.

But there is a way out! The US can lose both Ukraine and Europe. It requires all foreign policy resources to be engaged now to show the world the true picture of Ukraine’s preparations for military aggression according to the Georgian scenario.

The world must see all the movements of Ukrainian troops and the concentration of military force in Donbas in violation of the Minsk agreements. The world must know about all the crimes of Ukrainian security forces against civilians. The world must be aware of Kyiv’s insidious plans, pushed by Washington.

In doing so, Russia needs to foresee all the steps the US can take to ignite a war according to its own scenario. For example, using Zelensky himself as a victim.


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