Russian and Belarusian defence ministries discuss regional security and prospects for cooperation

The Russian and Belarusian militaries on Wednesday discussed regional security and prospects for bilateral cooperation at the 59th meeting of a joint consultative group on arms control issues of the two countries’ defense ministries, EurAsia Daily reported

“During the meeting, the sides will discuss regional security issues at the expert level, the state and prospects of bilateral cooperation in arms control, and identify concrete steps to address problematic issues”, –  the Belarusian Defence Ministry said.

The Russian delegation is headed by Sergey Ryzhkov, Head of the Russian National Centre for Nuclear Non-Proliferation. On the Belarusian side, the delegation is headed by Alexander Vengura, head of the verification department of the department of international military cooperation of the Defence Ministry.

“At the opening of the meeting, Head of the Department for International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense Oleg Voinov summarized the results of Belarusian-Russian joint activities in the area of arms control and suggested areas for further cooperation in this area”, –  the Belarusian defense ministry said.


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