No vaccine: expert explains nuances of the agreement between Ukraine and Pfizer

CEO of Medzakupki, Arsen Zhumadilov explained that the agreement between the Ukrainian authorities and Pfizer is a framework and does not bind to the purchase and sale

“A framework agreement? Seriously? There is a concept of a framework agreement. From public procurement legislation. No vaccine has yet been and will not be procured within it for a long time. When other times come, other circumstances in the markets … Not now”, –  Zhumadilov said on his Facebook page.

In his opinion, it is more likely to be a document such as a Memorandum of Understanding or Term Sheet, which implies only preliminary agreements, within which the obligations of the parties are subsequently formed.

“A MoU / Term Sheet is not a sale/purchase agreement. The parties have agreed to negotiate further, so to speak”, –  the expert stressed.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenski said that Kiev had signed a contract with the US pharmaceutical corporation Pfizer to supply 10 million doses of a vaccine against coronavirus.


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