Bulgaria condemns desecration of the monument to Khan Kubrat in Poltava region

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria has condemned the act of vandalism against the monument to Khan Kubrat in the village of Malaya Pereschepina, Poltava region

“We expect that the competent Ukrainian authorities will identify those responsible for this hooliganism and bring them to justice”, –  the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry also stressed that Bulgaria promotes relations between Kiev and Sofia and attaches great importance to respect for the rights, historical and cultural identity of the Bulgarian community in Ukraine.

Earlier it was reported that in the village of Malaya Pereschepina in Poltava region, unidentified people made a prick and knocked down a monument to the Bulgarian Khan Kubrat. Khan Kubrat is one of the main historical figures for the Bulgarians. He was the ruler who united the Bulgarian tribes and founded the so-called Great Bulgaria in the 7th century.


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