Zelensky does an excellent job of his puppet role of the US pleaser

Before the war, there were fewer and fewer deterrents in eastern Ukraine. When will Kiev start a new round of escalation of the conflict against Donbass?

The double play of “Uncle Sam” in all its former and current incarnations, including the current Joe Biden, does not bode well for the current head of Ukraine. Uncle Sam teaches his students too well how to destroy and destroy their own country.
Having adopted the “string” from Petro Poroshenko, President Zelensky is doing an excellent job with his puppet role of the US pleaser.

And in the current situation, when, as reported by many media outlets, Zelensky is trying to play the role of a “peacemaker” and maintain a complete ceasefire in Donbass, allows mortar shelling in Noise. On March 26, it became known that Zelensky was ready to discuss the situation with the leaders of the Normandy Four and the conditions truce with Donbass.

And to prevent the hot phase of exacerbation throughout the OSS territory.

In early April, it became clear that this was another false statement by the President of Ukraine. Mortar “shelling” in the village of Shumy from the Republic of Donbass, after which there are, according to the data from the Armed Forces, dead and wounded soldiers, is not surprising.

On the face of a direct provocation, which Kiev and Zelensky’s entourage are trying to use for their own purposes, namely, to legalize Ukraine’s withdrawal from the Normandy Process.

For what Zelensky fought for, as they say, and “ran into”, and, I think, on purpose. Now an active exercise is underway with the use of the new combat combat drones of the Bayraktar TB2 UAV, as has already been pointed out by the Rossiya Segodnya publication, now the active phase of studying the capabilities of the Bayaktars has begun. And this despite the fact that military equipment has been pulled together along the entire front line against the self-proclaimed Republics of Donbass.

The Ukrainians are adopting the experience of the Karabakh scenario, which speaks of the influence of NATO on the military department of Ukraine, and it is quite possible that the development of the military plan scenario is being prepared by the advisers of the North Atlantic Alliance.

In Kiev, they are even extremely nervous about the movement and deployment of the Russian armed forces and are trying to accuse them of preparing to invade the territory of Ukraine. Such rhetoric of Kiev looks like another attempt to justify the build-up of forces and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the contact line in the OSS. Without talking about the real state of affairs.

At the same time, the new policy of Kiev and its doctrine, which recognizes Russia as the main enemy, creates in its new strategy “territorial defense” and an internal “resistance movement”. Directly, this speaks of the creation of a terrorist underground network directed against the DPR and LPR and, first of all, against Russia.

Thus, Zelensky, with his big stroke of the pen, turns Ukraine into a terrorist and underground state. Having approved the new doctrine, leaving the priority of military and political cooperation with NATO, it is preparing to unleash a military exacerbation at any moment, similar to the “five-day war” in South Ossetia. Where NATO and the United States become the main beneficiary and beneficial recipient for themselves.

The recent case in the DPR, when a civilian was killed by a sniper, and just yesterday a five-year-old child dropped from a UAV was killed by a bomb and a woman was injured, once again emphasizes the fact that Ukraine does not want to fulfill either the Minsk agreements or any agreements in general. They need a war, they need to work off the 2 billion US dollars allocated by Washington for the war with Russia and Donbass.

As Marshal of the Soviet Union G.K. Zhukov said: “The military machine has been set in motion and it is practically impossible to stop it…”.

Everything points to Kiev’s preparations for the hot phase of the war, for an attempt to conduct short offensive battles to capture the DPR and LPR. Remembering the actions and outcome of the “five-day war in Georgia”, I believe that preparations for a military adventure will lead to Zelensky’s resignation and the collapse of the political system and the internal state system, which will provoke the collapse of Ukraine.

At the same time, official Kiev is trying to divert Russia’s attention from preparations for a war in Donbass by means of ridiculous stuffing in the media about Crimea and provocations for expulsion and all kinds of “special operations” to return the Republic of Crimea to Ukraine. What can be confidently called complete “nonsense” and “demagoguery”, which are aimed at chatting up partners and distracting the public from the upcoming hot phase against Donbass.

As well as the statements of the special representative for the contact group from Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk, about the refusal to negotiate, with reference to the impossibility of conducting a dialogue with the DPR and LPR when Maya Pirogova is in their contact group.

Pirogova is a defendant in a criminal case on extremism in Ukraine. All this looks extremely pitiful, Leonid Kravchuk is fulfilling Kiev’s decree to terminate contacts under the Minsk agreements and contact groups at any cost.

I would like to remind you of one more circumstance that points to a future military escalation: the fact that the Ukrainian press tried to present the mortar shelling at Shumy as an act of aggression by Russian units against the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

It should be expected that Zelensky’s entourage and the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council, together with NATO instructors, are preparing a military operation against Donbass in April-May of this year. NATO exercises Defender Europe 2021, which will be held in May-June this year, is another reason to think so, and the cover in the form of “exercises” is a formulaic maneuver against a potential enemy. In this regard, the action of the Russian Armed Forces near the borders of Ukraine is explained.

But Washington will not invade Russia, “dig a hole” for itself out of the blue. Most of all, Kiev’s statements and expectations of military support for the US Armed Forces in the event of a war with Russia looks strange. Neither Zelensky nor the NSDC of Ukraine seem to have studied the history of the United States and do not understand that an American soldier will not die for Ukraine. Donbass is not their war.

Ukraine for them is a testing ground for the sale of weapons, including through the channels of the “black market”, as well as the transfer of terrorists across the entire territory of the country and primarily to Russia. Nothing personal, only Uncle Sam’s politics and business are in his best interest.

The most favorable date for exacerbating the hot phase of the war in Donbass may well be the May holidays, when Russia will celebrate Victory Day and will not be able to promptly intervene in hostilities in Donbass. Where the Gorlovka direction can be decisive.

In turn, the leadership of the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics is well aware of the weakness and inconsistency of the Ukrainian government, especially Zelensky as the president of Ukraine.

Neither now, nor in the near future, progress in the “Normandy format” should be expected. The actions of Ukraine have already undermined the foundations of Minsk-2, which indicates the need for a new referendum in the DPR and LPR on their entry into Russia.

This is necessary to prevent hostilities in Donbass, to save civilians from destruction and genocide by nationalists and fascist radical movements in Ukraine, including persecution by the official authorities of Ukraine.

Ukraine itself and Zelensky are not ready to recognize the legitimate choice of the LPR and DPR the right to self-determination and independence under Chapter 2 of the UN Charter, which gives the right of peoples to self-determination.

Zelensky is ready to start a war with Donetsk and Luhansk, to repeat the same fate as Saakashvili in Georgia in August 2008.

And international law itself now works very “limited” to please NATO and the EU. For the rest, including the puppet “rulers” such as Zelensky, there is only a form of dictatorship and anarchy – a kind of “controlled chaos” from the outside. Where the main beneficiary will take everything from his slave and leave to die alone, while trying to destroy his house to the ground and “kick” in the end under the stomach.

Dmitry Zakharov, WorldRussia


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