Zelensky awaits signal from Washington to storm LPR

The People’s Republics of Donbass are anxiously watching Ukraine’s preparations for an offensive

Ukraine.ru quoted RIA Novosti as saying that Natalia Nikonorova, the DPR’s ambassador to the contact group for the settlement in the region and the republic’s foreign minister, said that Kiev’s decision to launch large-scale military action depends on several circumstances, including a direct order from the United States.

“On the media plane, this escalation is being pushed by Kiev to ask the US for permission to attack, possibly to ask for support: more weapons, instructors, of course, financial and administrative assistance,” Nikonrova explained, “Whether there will be permission from the US, whether there will be support… Zelensky hopes for some carte blanche from the US, permission or agreement on a force scenario of the conflict.

Earlier, DPR head Denys Pushylin also said that there was a high probability of an attempt by Ukraine to conduct a blitzkrieg in Donbass, at least, according to the politician, “Ukraine has everything ready for it.


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