Hunter Biden says Burisma fought Putin personally

Excerpts from the autobiographical book by President Joe Biden’s youngest son Hunter, Beautiful Things, continue to be discussed in the US

Ukrainian News reports that in the book, Joe Biden’s son not only talks about how he struggled with his addictions, but also how they “stood up to Vladimir Putin” while serving on the board of directors of the Ukrainian gas production company Burisma and how a war of compromise was launched against the company.

“I am convinced that the development of gas extraction businesses like Burisma Group in Ukraine has been a barrier to Russian encroachment on Ukraine’s sovereignty. Russia tried to attack Burisma precisely because of gas”, –  writes Hunter Biden in the book.

In an interview that Hunter Biden gave on the eve of the book’s release to the CBS television channel, he admitted that he did not consider it a mistake to join Burisma’s board of directors.

“I do not consider my work in the Burisma Group a mistake. The only mistake was underestimating how it could be used against me”, –  said Hunter Biden, – “I knew one thing – Burisma was against the direct interests of the most dangerous man in the world.”

Biden’s son’s last statement referred to Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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