Expert: what US sanctions against Turkey witness of

The top of the American political elite is not our nursing home and we did not hire its inhabitants to change diapers

Russia has NOT forced the United States to impose sanctions against a Turkish company engaged in export-import operations in the field of military-technical cooperation and its management. This is an exclusively sovereign, purely American decision. Just like the decision of the Russian leadership to sell S-400 systems to Turkey and the decision of the Turkish leadership to buy them and put them into service. However, neither the Kremlin, nor the GRU, nor the SVR, nor “Russian hackers”, nor Putin personally have anything to do with the actions of the Congress and the United States Department of State against Turkey.

That our First, Biden, or what, is in charge?

They are, of course, guided – they literally drive them on the ropes and don’t let them say their own words, but definitely not us. The top of the American political elite is not our nursing home and we did not hire its inhabitants to change diapers. Let them cope by themselves. Fortunately, we already had this period and passed it long ago – back in the 80s. Well, the Americans will have it someday along with their own “carriage race”. And what will be left of America by that time… We have half the country that has survived so far.

Turkey is formally a US ally. And not the least – the second army in the NATO bloc. Putting pressure on her the way the Americans do it is useless. In doing so, they treat Ankara exactly as a white man is supposed to behave with natives. Savages and savages, what to take from them? To scare, to restrain, if they do not understand the first time – to press down… And this is the stupidest thing that can be thought of in relation to the Turks. Proud hot-tempered oriental people. And their history is at least twice as long as the American one.

They will not be given the F-35, thrown out of this program so that they lost several hundred million dollars on it? Well, if there were no other alternatives in the world … At one time, with the Patriot system, they also fooled their heads for a long time and twisted everything they found spinning in organisms. As a result, they bought the S-400 from us. And, judging by the American sanctions, this is not the end of the story. Because Russia is definitely not engaged in anything but open racketeering in the American style and treats the Turks with respect.

After all, we have fought with them longer than the United States of America has existed in the world. And how all these wars finally ended, is remembered both in Turkey and in Russia. Involuntarily, we learned to interact. So, despite all the contradictions that exist between us, we do not strain relations with them to such a level as the Americans do from scratch. Although, we repeat, this is their choice. Against Russia, no one forced them to impose sanctions. The thought involuntarily creeps in: maybe they are just idiots there – in the United States?!

Evgeny Satanovsky


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