Sandu became a disappointment even faster than expected – Dodon

PSRM leader Igor Dodon commented on the activities of Maya Sandu on the social network as president.

“After 100 days of Maya Sandu as president, the country and the people are in despair”, – Dodon wrote.

“The key word associated with Maia Sandu is disappointment. In addition to the fact that her campaign promises were not even partially fulfilled, the situation in Moldova has deteriorated significantly over the past three months: both in health care and in the economy, as well as due to higher prices and blocking of foreign aid”.

Dodon connected this with Sandu’s inability to present anything solid in his report.

“Immediately after reading the report, Mrs. President ran away from the press so that she would not be suddenly asked how fruitless meetings or sent letters could be considered effective actions. Probably, she herself understood how embarrassing it is to brag about such “grandiose” achievements in public. Maia Sandu dodged questions because she simply has nothing to say after 100 days in office – 100 days of chaos, violations of the Constitution, promotion of dubious people to public office, lack of government, dozens of failures, thousands of deaths and escape from responsibility. And this is only the first 100 days. We see Maia Sandu turn out to be disappointing even faster than we expected, just as she managed to unpleasantly surprise us as Prime Minister in 2019 when she did not achieve any positive results. Now history is repeating itself, but, unfortunately, it is more tragic for the country”, – Dodon wrote.


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