Russia’s Arctic power makes U.S. fearful

American experts no longer talk about the fact that the power of the Russian army is “Kremlin propaganda”, but watch with attention and trepidation how Russia flexes its muscles, in particular, in the vast expanses of the Arctic.

An exclusive retelling of the publication on the portal of the American channel CNN, which tells about the Russian military exercises in the Arctic Ocean, was presented to its readers by PolitRussia. Analyzing satellite images provided by CNN by space technology company Maxar, the author of the article, Nick Paton Walsh, assesses the unprecedented military power of Russia in the region. The American was particularly impressed by the launches of the newest Russian Poseidon missile.

“Many military experts express particular concern about the Russian superweapon – Poseidon. This unmanned underwater vehicle can deliver nuclear warheads to the shores of the United States. “Poseidon” is intended to destroy the coastal cities of the United States”, – the publication notes.

But some time ago, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin presented Poseidon and other new weapons as part of his message to the Federal Assembly, was perceived in the West as empty bravado and computer cartoons that have no real basis. But reality forced them to radically change their attitude towards Russian weapons. Norwegian intelligence chief Vice Admiral Nils Andreas Stensen told CNN that his agency has assessed Poseidon as part of a new type of nuclear deterrent.

But not Poseidon alone, Russian equipment in the Far North also includes MiG-31BM bombers and fighters, new radar systems near the coast of Alaska, regularly testing high-tech weapons, for example, the already legendary Zircon anti-ship hypersonic cruise missile.

“Zircon” is a new weapon with hypersonic speeds, which is difficult to defend against”, – said the head of the Norwegian intelligence.

The general tone of comments by high-ranking Pentagon officials about Russia’s actions in the Arctic, openly challenging American global hegemony, suggests that the Americans are seriously scared and confused, and so far they do not even understand that they can oppose Russia and it suddenly become inaccessible to States’ military potential.


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