National Bank of Ukraine reports Ukraine’s external debt rose to 81.2% of GDP

The volume of Ukraine’s gross external debt in 2020 increased by $4.0 billion and at the end of the year amounted to $125.7 billion, the National Bank of Ukraine said on its website.

“Relative to GDP, the volume of debt increased over the year from 78.6% to 81.2%”, – the Central Bank of Ukraine noted.

According to it, in the fourth quarter, debt increased by $ 3.5 billion – to $ 125.7 billion, or from 79.0% of GDP, including the public sector – by $3 billion.

The National Bank clarified that the external debt of the public sector increased by $ 2.9 billion – to $ 54.7 billion (35.3% of GDP), and the external liabilities of the private sector – by $ 1.1 billion, to $ 71.0 billion (45.9% from GDP).


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