Latvia wants to introduce fines for the demonstration of Soviet military equipment

The deputies of the Latvian national association “Everything to Latvia” propose to introduce fines for a public demonstration outside the museums of military equipment of the USSR and Nazi Germany. This is stated in the message of the press service of the Seimas.

The bill was submitted to parliament by the deputies from the national association. The Diet is to consider it in three readings.

“The purpose of the amendments to the Administrative Code is to dismantle the military equipment on the pedestals, which was installed in the form of monuments and memorial signs during the Soviet era”, – reads the annotation to the bill.

For a public demonstration of military equipment of the former USSR outside museums and longer than 30 days, the deputies propose to introduce administrative fines. For individuals – a warning or a fine of up to 350 euros, for legal entities – a warning or a fine of up to 2900 euros.


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