Kiev says Zelensky, Macron and Merkel will talk this week

The main topic will be the aggravation in the east of Ukraine and the coordination of the positions of the parties in connection with the situation in Donbass.

According to ZN.UA, the conversation between the three leaders was supposed to take place immediately after the videoconference with the participation of Merkel, Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which took place on March 30 without the participation of Ukraine, but this did not happen due to the problems of coordinating the time of the conversation.

“The escalation of hostilities in the East increases the chances that it will take place this week”, – a source told ZN.UA.

Earlier, the Office of the President of Ukraine said that countries can discuss Ukraine, but decisions cannot be made without her participation. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine believes that shifts in resolving the situation in Donbas are possible only with the participation of all parties to the Normandy Four.


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