Survey results show Lithuanians do not trust NATO and support Russia

Experts from the Vilnius Institute for Political Analysis (VIPA) conducted a survey among Lithuanians, the results of which differ significantly from the results of studies commissioned by the official structures of Lithuania, reports EurAsia Daily.

Survey results show Lithuanians do not trust NATO and support Russia

The VIPA researchers noted that for several years in the results of the polls, which were carried out by order of the official structures of Lithuania, it was said that among the Lithuanians the level of trust in the USA, NATO and the EU was growing, and the policy of Russia was perceived as “unfriendly”. However, the results of a new independent survey showed a very different picture.

“This time the respondents were not given pre-prepared statements with which they had to agree or not, they were not asked questions so that they could be interpreted ambiguously. We walked with a blank sheet. It was not we who put statements into our mouths, the people themselves spoke, we only guided you to the path”, – said Gintaras Shumskas, an analyst at VIPA.

The study showed that among Lithuanians there is a high level of mistrust in the state, NATO, and the EU. About 78% of respondents fully or rather agree with the statement that “the health care system in Lithuania is not working, and the coronavirus pandemic has completely destroyed it”. The Lithuanians also assessed the economic situation of the country negatively: 73% completely or rather agree that “it is extremely difficult for an honest person to earn money in Lithuania”.

“More than a third of the poll participants read that “the EU and NATO are expanding their borders and want to surround Russia” (34%) or do not hide their sympathy for the leader of Russia – 37% believe that Vladimir Putin, or rather his rule, has strengthened Russia”, – says in the survey results.

Also Lithuanians are nostalgic for the Soviet past, especially for economic security. More than 50% of the respondents believe that the Soviet period brought much more benefit to Lithuania than harm and “the collapse of the USSR did not bring anything good”.


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