Sohu: U.S. reacted unusually to the approach of Russian aircraft to Alaska

Experts from the Chinese publication Sohu believe that the United States reacted in an extremely non-standard way to the approach of Russian military aircraft to the shores of Alaska, PolitRussia reports.

Analysts of the Chinese edition recalled that Russia recently sent two Tu-142 anti-submarine aircraft to the zone of operation of American air defense systems deployed in Alaska. In their opinion, the United States in response to these actions took rather non-standard steps.

“The US unexpectedly calmly reacted to the maneuvers of the Russian military aviation. They identified and tracked the flight route of Tu-142 aircraft, which took place in the immediate vicinity of Alaska. The US Air Force did not even try to intercept them”, – writes Sohu.

Experts note that the United States previously acted more harshly in such cases, but this time their reaction was very calm: only identification and tracking, and not sending fighters to intercept the opponent, as is usually the case in such cases.

According to Sohu analysts, visits of Russian military aircraft to the shores of the United States have become quite commonplace for the Pentagon, and that is why the reaction of the US Air Force to the Russian Tu-142 was rather passive.

“Russia uses the classic “Russian style”, reminding the Americans of their readiness to defend their interests in the Arctic”, – the Chinese newspaper said.


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