Russian military tests latest unmanned aerial vehicle “Pacer” in Syria

Syria tested a unique technology for aiming the latest tactical strike drones “Paceman” at terrorist targets using the “Strelets-M” wearable intelligence, command and communications complex. This was reported by RIA Novosti, referring to its sources in the Russian military-industrial complex.

“The “Paceman” drones struck, including on targets newly identified with the help of KRUS “Strelets-M”, the information about the coordinates of which was sent by the soldiers of ground units via communication channels to the control center of the drones and higher command in real time”, – the source said agencies.

He noted that the scouts on the ground detect the target with the help of Sagittarius devices and display it against the background of an electronic map on a tablet indicating the parameters and exact coordinates. The target can be a tank, an accumulation of armored vehicles or enemy personnel, an artillery position, and so on.

“An option was also implemented with the transmission of the exact coordinates of targets directly to the ground control point of the drone drone with automatic display of the target on the electronic map of the drone operator’s terrain”, – the source said.

The long-duration attack unmanned aerial vehicle “Pacer” (also known as “Orion”) was developed by the order of the Russian Ministry of Defense by the “Kronstadt” company. The UAV can stay in the air for up to a day. The pacer is used to strike ground targets with small-sized guided missiles and guided bombs.


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