American Democrats have reason to fear fair elections

In the United States, a scandal erupts over the adoption of a new electoral law in the state of Georgia at the suggestion of the Republican Party. The passed law not only provoked a nervous reaction from liberal activists, but also attracted the attention of President Joe Biden, who called the legislation of opponents Republicans “atrocities”. Meanwhile, the passage of the law in the state of Georgia is the first swallow of a large-scale political initiative aimed at combating electoral fraud in all states.

The new electoral law was backed by Georgia Senators (34 to 20) and Representatives (100 to 75) and signed into law by Gov. Brian Kemp, despite protests and public disorder in the state by Democrats.

“There is a need for electoral reform in our state. There is no doubt that many troubling electoral issues have arisen, and these problems have understandably led to a crisis of confidence in the ballot box in Georgia”, – Governor Kemp said.

The new law is extensive, but the discussion revolved around just a few provisions. In particular, critics of the document do not like the fact that voters in Georgia will now have to identify themselves with a driver’s license or other identification when using an absentee ballot. They are also embarrassed by the requirements to place ballot boxes for preliminary voting exclusively in specially equipped places, to receive absentee ballots no later than 11 days before election day, as well as to remove election commissions from the subordination of the secretary of state and reassign them to the elected authorities of Georgia. In addition, the Democrats were displeased by the ban on the distribution of food to voters, the reduction of the time between two rounds of elections to four weeks and the introduction of a strict time frame for the announcement of the voting results.

The authors of the bill also proposed canceling voting on Sundays and introducing at the legislative level the requirement to explain the desire to participate in elections in absentia, but these initiatives were blocked by the Democrats.

Gov. Kemp attributed the innovation made by the Republicans to the need to make the voting process less susceptible to fraud. However, Democrats and their allies disagree. Protests began at the state level, which escalated into a barrage of criticism from the liberal media at the national level and the intervention of President Biden.

“Rather than winning campaigns with specific ideas, Republicans rushed to pass anti-American legislation to strip Georgians of their voting rights,” Biden said. He called the new electoral law “atrocity” and “blatant attack on the constitution”, – comparing it to the “Jim Crow Acts,” which introduced racial segregation in a number of states in the late 19th century and restricted voting rights for the illiterate and disadvantaged.

Activists immediately joined the fight against the new law.

“We are experiencing a moment that only happens once in a generation. We will either see one of the most massive setbacks in our democracy in generations, or we will have the opportunity to say, “No, America is not for this.” We’re going to strengthen democracy and make sure everyone has an equal voice”, – said Tiffany Mueller, president of End Citizens United and Let America Vote.

Three liberal public associations – New Georgia Project, Black Voters Matter Fund and Rise Inc – will appeal the new law in court. In their opinion, it is discriminatory, since it deprives some of the residents of Georgia of the right to vote.

Democrats are determined to fight the electoral innovations in Georgia seriously: after all, over the past few months, Republicans have put forward about 200 similar legislative initiatives in different states. And, if the law is not repealed in Georgia, the results of the next elections could be sad for the Democratic Party.

The 2020 U.S. presidential election was rife with scandals. The turnout, for reasons not entirely clear, has reached an unprecedented high level – a record over the past 120 years. Joe Biden won the most votes ever cast for a presidential candidate. The number of ballots submitted by mail was also a record one.

All these records, according to Donald Trump and his supporters, became possible due to the fact that the Democrats used “dead souls” in the elections, gave the right to vote to non-citizens, and also practiced voting of one person at different polling stations. It is really problematic to establish the identity and citizenship of a person, when a ballot is issued on the basis of one signature. And just a few thousand falsified votes can have a decisive impact on the election results. Joe Biden’s victory in the same Georgia raises questions – the Democrats have not won in this state for many years, and their ultimate advantage was only 12 thousand votes.

The law adopted in Georgia presupposes standard practices at the world level: verification of the identity of the voter, ensuring the secrecy of the vote, and prohibiting bribery of voters. The accusations of racism sounding against the authors of the law are absurd, but it is the hardest thing to “cleanse” from them. Amid the racial scandals of recent years, anyone charged with “racial discrimination” in the United States is being harassed. The same is in this case. American Democrats do have reason to fear a fair election.

Svyatoslav Knyazev, Federal Grid Company


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