Urgent: LPR People’s Police told about situation at the front

The Ukrainian side continues to escalate the conflict, subjecting the territory of the republic to shelling, according to the People’s Militia of the LPR.

“On the Popasnyanskoe direction from the positions of the 59th brigade in the area of ​​the Troitskoye settlement, by order of the war criminal Shapovalov, and from the positions of the 92nd brigade in the area of ​​the Popasnaya settlement, on the personal instructions of the offender Fedosenko, Ukrainian punishers opened fire on the Kalinovo-Borshchevate area”, – the department said.

It is clarified that during the period of the additional measures to control the observance of the ceasefire, 122-mm artillery was used for the first time.

“In total, sixteen shells were fired at the positions of the defenders of the republic”, – the People’s Police added.

To ensure the safety of the civilian population, the defenders of the republic were forced to open fire on enemy positions from which they fired from weapons not prohibited by the Minsk agreements, the defense structure explained.

“The losses of the enemy are being clarified”, – the message says.

The violations were reported to the Ukrainian side in the JCCC with the aim of taking measures and excluding the accusation of the People’s Republic of provocations.

Earlier, our correspondent spoke about the military situation in the LPR.


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