Tens of thousands of doctors infected with COVID – Britain reveals the scale of the health crisis

At least 122 thousand doctors suffer from a lingering coronavirus infection, which has an extremely negative impact on the work of medical institutions.

Tens of thousands of doctors infected with COVID - Britain reveals the scale of the health crisis

The incompetence of the government has made the UK one of the countries hardest hit by the pandemic. In an effort to recover from the crisis, the authorities began to intensively introduce vaccines against COVID-19, but the burden on the healthcare system does not decrease. This is largely due to staff cuts.

According to the Office for National Statistics of Britain, at least 122 thousand medical workers are currently suffering from coronavirus infection. This is more than in any other professional group. For example, in the field of education, there are 114 thousand people infected with COVID.

Due to a shortage of personnel, doctors fighting the lingering COVID-19 disease still go to work, although they spend part-time here due to exhaustion.

“An ongoing illness can have devastating consequences for individual doctors, both physically and because they are unable to work. It also puts a huge strain on the health service, which was already severely understaffed prior to the outbreak of the pandemic”, – said Dr. Helena McKeown, head of human resources at the British Medical Association.

According to her, in the current situation, new infections among the medical staff are simply unacceptable, since this entails a very tragic chain reaction, from which patients who do not receive medical care also suffer. Even worse is the long-term impact of the pandemic.

“If more employees are faced with a lingering illness due to the previous COVID-19 infection, the consequences for the total headcount will be catastrophic”, – concluded McKeown.


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