Countries most likely to receive Russian citizenship in 2020 named

Ukrainian citizens are still confidently holding the palm in the issue of obtaining citizenship of the “aggressor country”

According to REGNUM news agency, citing RT, citizens of Ukraine, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Armenia most frequently applied for Russian citizenship in 2020, according to the Russian Interior Ministry.

“From these countries and before most people arrived. However, residents of Ukraine have been granted Russian citizenship since 2019 for humanitarian purposes, such a decree was previously signed by the Russian president”, –  Olga Chudinovskikh, head of the Population Economics and Demography Laboratory at Moscow State University’s Economics Department, said.

Former residents of Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Armenia have long accounted for a significant percentage of Russia’s new citizens. When they come to work here, they find jobs, settle down, move their families and stay permanently.

“In January-February 2021 about 100 thousand foreigners and stateless persons received Russian citizenship. During the same period last year there were more than 107 thousand of them, for the whole of last year – 656 thousand people”, – reports the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.


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