US organisations call on Biden to engage in constructive dialogue with Russia

27 US organisations have called on US President Joe Biden to hold “constructive bilateral talks” with Russian leader Vladimir Putin


US organisations call on Biden to engage in constructive dialogue with Russia

“As national organizations advocating for diplomacy, arms control, disarmament and peace, we are deeply troubled… As Americans, we call on the Biden administration (…) to vigorously pursue negotiations on nuclear weapons with the Russian government,” the organizations said in a statement obtained by The Hill.

Among the signatories to the statement are left-wing sympathisers such as Justice Democrats, Blue America, Our Revolution, Demand Progress. The Hill does not provide a full list of organisations.

The organisations called on Biden to “live up to his commitment” that “diplomacy is once again at the heart of our foreign policy”.

Instead of making sweeping statements about Russia’s leadership, they urged Biden to engage in “constructive bilateral negotiations to address the clear and immediate threats of a nuclear arms race that have never been more evident.”

“The rank-and-file members of the progressive base of the Democratic Party are not interested in a belligerent foreign policy toward Putin or Russia,” Alan Minsky, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America, said in a statement.

“What people want is a safer world with international cooperation that will allow us all to recover more quickly from the public health and economic catastrophe of last year. We cannot tolerate rattling weapons in a cold war, let alone teetering on the brink of nuclear war”, –  he added.

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