Minsk asks for extradition from Russia of a Belarusian citizen accused of calling for illegal actions

The Investigative Committee of Belarus reported that this is the administrator of Telegram channels in which messages were published calling to take part in unauthorized rallies in Lida and Minsk.

Minsk asks for extradition from Russia of a Belarusian citizen accused of calling for illegal actions

According to TASS, on Monday, the head of the international legal department of the Investigative Committee (IC) of Belarus, Mikhail Vavulo, said that Belarus had sent documents to Russia for the extradition of a citizen of the republic accused of calling for unauthorized actions and actions that violate public order.

“Just a few days ago, documents were sent to the Prosecutor General’s Office on the extradition from the Russian Federation of a 36-year-old citizen of Belarus who was being held criminally liable for committing crimes. A man from Lida is accused of administering several destructive Telegram channels from August 8 to September 7, 2020, where, in order to destabilize the situation in the country, he publicly posted information with calls to take part in unauthorized rallies in Lida and Minsk, actions that violate public order”, – said the representative of the Investigative Committee, quoted by the BelTA agency.

The representative of the investigation clarified that the actions of the accused were qualified under Part 1 of Art. 342 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (“Organization of group actions that grossly violate public order and are associated with obvious disobedience to the legal requirements of government officials or entail disruption of transport, enterprises, institutions or organizations, or active participation in such actions”). The accused faces up to three years in prison.

At the same time, ex-presidential candidate Viktor Babariko, who is in jail on charges of fraud, said in his message that Alexander Lukashenko’s opponents are creating a new political party “Together”.

“I have never been a member of any party and did not assume that such a form of uniting people has the right to exist in the 21st century. But the Belarusians show that I was wrong. We need a party. But the party is not as an end in itself, but as the most effective instrument for achieving our victory. The party of our future based on truth, goodness and freedom”, – reads a message from eadaily.

Among the tasks to be performed by the new political structure, Babariko outlined the representation of the interests of the majority of Belarusians, the unification of numerous autonomous initiatives under his wing, as well as ensuring the work of groups and associations and the resumption of activities within the country.


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