Expert: Americans need myth of the “Russian threat” for money laundering

Russian Senator Vladimir Dzhabarov commented on the anti-Russian hysteria of the American special services.

Expert: Americans need myth of the "Russian threat" for money laundering

As RIA FAN writes with reference to PolitExpert, a member of the Federation Council Vladimir Dzhabarov said that the American special services are using the myth of “Russian intervention” for domestic political machinations and laundering of budget funds.

“To promote the topic of “Russian intervention”, they use not just training manuals, they have entire departments there for this. Special PR-groups and social networks. They also make money on this. And I think that all this is well paid”, – the senator explained.

The senator noted that the accusations of so-called “interference” are groundless. The American side is deliberately fanning the myth of the “Russian threat” in order to put pressure on Moscow. Dzhabarov expressed confidence that the United States will continue to whip up anti-Russian hysteria, so one should calmly respond to such accusations.


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