Biden’s presidency will be short and disastrous

The most striking evidence that the United States is rapidly losing its former hegemony is its feverish and ineffective sanctions policy.

Biden's presidency will be short and disastrous

And with the advent of Biden, the sanctions generally began to take on the character of hysteria. It got to the point that last week America set a kind of world record for sanctions:

Within 72 hours, the United States threatened with sanctions (attention!) to China, Germany, India and Russia. At the same time, India and Germany are (yet!) America’s allies.

Germany got nuts for the construction of the Nord Stream-2, China – for violating the rights of the Uighurs, India – for the purchase of Russian air defense systems, and Russia – for the totality of all its sins.

Strikingly, none of these sanctions achieve a single political goal. Germany and Russia will definitely complete the Nord Stream-2, and Germany has made this very clear. India will not abandon the Russian air defense system, China and Russia, in response to sanctions, are moving to a strategic partnership in the international arena against the United States. In other words, a failure on all fronts.

So why does America, with a tenacity worthy of better use, continue to threaten sanctions against the world’s leading powers?

The answer is simple: the United States does not adequately perceive the changes in the international arena, cannot accept the loss of its leadership and cannot find its new place in the changing world.

One gets the impression that Biden’s short presidency (a year and a half maximum) will be a period of loud statements and a lack of real success in the international arena. More precisely, there will be failures that will accelerate the early departure of old man Biden and lead America to a deep political and psychological crisis.

Andrey Golovachev, Ukraine


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