Germany announces risk of vaccine-resistant infection

The head of the department of the German Chancellor Helge Braun urged at all costs to avoid the possible emergence of a new COVID-19 mutation resistant to the vaccine. The official’s opinion was voiced in an interview with Bild am Sonntag.

Germany announces risk of vaccine-resistant infection

In a conversation with reporters, Brown suggested that in the event of a sharp increase in the incidence of parallel vaccination, there may be a risk “that the next mutation of the virus will become immune to the vaccine”.

“Then we would be left empty-handed. We would need new vaccines, vaccination would have to start over”, – Brown explained his position.

According to him, the current third wave of the pandemic, announced in Germany, threatens to be the most severe due to the spread of a more contagious variation of the infection.

On Thursday, March 25, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged fellow citizens to take weekly free coronavirus tests. By the decision of the country’s authorities, quarantine measures were extended until April 18.


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