Nearly 30 ISIS fighters killed in Iraq

A total of 312 airstrikes were carried out during the offensive, destroying 120 positions of the banned IS in Russia and caves used by extremist militants

As a result, an unknown number of ISIS fighters were killed by the bombing, while security snipers spotted and killed 27 of those who fled the attacked positions.

At least 27 militants of the Islamic State extremist group have been killed in an offensive against ISIS positions in northern Iraq, Channel 112 Ukraine reports.

“Iraqi security forces, backed by a US-led coalition and Iraqi air power, launched the offensive on March 9 and lasted 14 days in the Mahmur mountain range southeast of Mosul’s provincial capital Yahya Rasul”, –  Xinhua reported, citing the Iraqi military as saying.

It is noted that the security situation in Iraq is improving after Iraqi security forces completely defeated IS militants across the country in late 2017.


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