Andrew Mack explains why Biden won’t talk to Zelensky

Despite quite transparent signals from Washington about the true reasons for Biden’s phone silence, Zelensky’s freelance adviser prefers to explain everything to “machinations” of the coronavirus

Andrew Mack explains why Biden won't talk to Zelensky

As writes, Zelensky’s freelance adviser Andrew Mack stated on the air of the Ukrainian propaganda TV channel Dom that there is no reason to worry about the lack of direct dialogue between the Ukrainian president and his overseas “big brother”. All this according to Mack’s version is just a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I am confident that we will return to normal relations… I think the Biden administration and the president himself will hold discussions and talks with the Ukrainian president normally, and the usual practice of regular visits of world leaders to Washington will resume in the future”, –  Mack said, adding that the only reason why this is not happening yet is the COVID-19 pandemic.

That said, Zelensky’s adviser believes that the relationship between his patron and Joe Biden will be much closer than it was under Trump, as Biden, according to Mack, “understands better the complexities of what is happening in Ukraine”.

“So, in my opinion, the leaders of our countries will get along very well”, –  Mack summarised.


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