Trump on Biden: he doesn’t even understand what papers he signs

The US President Joe Biden is in a deranged state. This was announced today, March 23, by the former US President Donald Trump in an interview with Newsmax TV.

Trump on Biden: he doesn't even understand what papers he signs

The TV presenter mentioned a case when Biden accidentally named Vice President Kamala Harris President and in this regard, mentioned the 25th amendment, which involves the removal of the President from office and the transfer of powers to the Vice President. The reason for such a transfer may be the death of the head of state or the inability to fulfill his duties.

“This is very serious, I hope it never happens, but something is happening and it’s crazy”, – Trump said.

“The question arises: does he understand what he is signing? He’s worse than Bernie Sanders. Even Bernie Sanders on steroids wouldn’t sign what Biden signs”.

Commenting on the incident with the fall of Joe Biden on the plane, Trump said that there is no longer freedom of the press in the United States.

“For me it was expected… the fall was terrible, he stumbled more than once, he stumbled three times. And this was not talked about in the mainstream media (in the original lamestream media, that is, “loving noisy scandals”), it’s terrible, impossible to believe, there is no longer any freedom of the press”, – Trump said in an interview with Newsmax TV.

As EADaily reported, after Joe Biden unexpectedly called the Russian leader a “killer”, Vladimir Putin suggested that all problems be discussed live and without intermediaries. Before that, he wished Biden, who shows all the signs of dementia, physical health “without any irony”. Biden promised that he would speak with the Russian leader “in due time”. However, in the end, the White House abandoned the open videoconference of the presidents of the countries Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden, which was proposed by the Russian leader.


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