Expert tells how Zelensky “sold” Ukrainians to Western pharmaceutical companies

The Ukrainian position on the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine loses all meaning when even the European Union is discussing the supply of the Russian drug with the Kremlin.

Expert tells how Zelensky "sold" Ukrainians to Western pharmaceutical companies

As previously reported by News Front, recently, the Russian leader Vladimir Putin has held talks with the head of the European Council Charles Michel, discussing the supply of the Sputnik V vaccine to the EU market.

In addition, in April Brussels will send a delegation of specialists to Russia to assess the results of drug tests, as well as its production. This step is being taken as part of the vaccine approval procedure by the European regulator.

Ukraine, in turn, continues to ignore the Sputnik V vaccine, banning it at the legislative level, although the authorities are unable to ensure that vaccinations are carried out in the country. It is noteworthy that, refusing the Russian vaccine, Kiev continues to purchase Russian gas and coal, emphasizes the Ukrainian politician Vyacheslav Azarov.

“I think the answer here is trivial and it lies in the fact that the Zelensky regime has already sold you and me to Western pharmaceutical companies, as consumers of their products, which are now either of poor quality or will not reach Ukraine in any way”, – the expert explains.

According to him, Europe will eventually complete vaccination, including with the help of a Russian drug. Then Brussels will impose restrictions on Ukraine, depriving its citizens of a visa-free regime under the pretext of the threat of the spread of coronavirus.


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