EU to impose legal sanctions against pharmaceutical company “AstraZeneca”

The EU leadership will resort to punitive measures against the pharmaceutical company “AstraZeneca” due to the situation with vaccines in the commonwealth.

EU to impose legal sanctions against pharmaceutical company "AstraZeneca"

As previously reported by News Front, vaccination of the population against coronavirus infection in the EU has failed. One of the reasons for this was the position of the Anglo-Swedish conglomerate AstraZeneca. The campaign was unable to provide the contracted volumes of vaccine to the EU countries. In this regard, Brussels is preparing sanctions against the company.

“The company does not fulfill its contractual obligations in full, communication with it is difficult, while the EU countries are highly dependent on it to fulfill their vaccination plans, so we have no choice but to apply legal measures against it”, – said Maros Sefcovic, Deputy Head of the European Commission.

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, March 23, he also said that, among other things, the EU will legislatively limit the export opportunities of AstraZeneca.


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