Ukrainian body movements under U.S.

The fact that Ukraine has long turned into an inflamed appendix of the United States is said by all experts in the world who are not paid by any American institution.

Ukrainian body movements under U.S.

A colony, a puppet, a servant, a toy, an anti-Russian foothold – Ukraine is rewarded with various words by those who do not enjoy seeing Ukrainian gestures near the United States, and there are even those who consider themselves to be Ukrainian nationalists, but not of the pro-American type – Shariy, Medvedchuk and others.

But the current Ukrainian administration is not concerned with how it looks from the outside. It is important for it how employers and landlords see it – that is, from the United States. There they have the alpha and omega of their entire national identity, reduced to the desire to preserve their content and themselves in their current position.

In a state, even essentially colonial, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs serves as a screen for colonial status, that is, it is a wholly and completely PR office according to the conviction of compatriots and some marginal foreigners in the sovereign state status of their colony. There they make various formal statements about national interests and other colonial crap. And as much as possible shyly avoid direct allusions with their colonial master.

That is, the colony, depicting an independent state, supports all its political initiatives against its enemies through the institutions of alliances with the metropolis. This is explained by the similarity of ideology. But direct advertising of the metropolis in third countries is avoided – this is an absolutely unthinkable business.

It is a different matter for Ukraine, whose economy and power are entirely on the content of the United States. Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany, a certain Melnik, recently said that Germany is obliged to pay Ukraine a debt for the occupation of Crimea, and therefore must “join forces with the new American government” to oppose Russia in general and facilitate the return of Crimea to Ukraine in particular. That is, the Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany Melnik pushes Germany under the United States, and sees this as his main task.

Let us repeat that it is not important for Melnik that when the Germans occupied Crimea twice in the twentieth century, both times he was a part of Russia, not Ukraine. It is important that the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany sees as his mission the strengthening of the dominant position of the United States in Europe, and not the protection of Ukraine’s interests in Germany. Because it is clear that his statements like this do not generate anything other than initiating a conflict between the German leadership and the Ukrainian leadership.

But Melnik (and Kuleba, and Zelensky with them) does not care what they think in Germany. It is important for them what they think in Washington, where Germany is seen as the same colony as Ukraine. Only Germany is a more financial colony, and Ukraine is complete, with all the attributes. And then the mission of Ukraine is to help the United States keep other colonies under control. The role of a policeman in the Reich, receiving rations – this is the favorite position of Ukrainian nationalists at all times.

Ukraine recently fell out with China, its main trading partner, to please the United States. Now the Miller is rude to the Germans. He openly sticks out himself as an activist-informer in favor of the United States in Germany in the status of the ambassador of Ukraine. There will be no limit to the contempt of the Germans, they feel such things very subtly. Even if they show you the view. In the negotiations as part of the Normandy Four on Donbass, this will not affect Ukraine’s favor.

Although this is not important for today’s Kiev Gauleiters. They care about the noise and its focus on protecting American global interests. Perhaps they will notice, they will throw in money and not be overthrown tomorrow. Kiev does not care about any Ukrainian interests. The political class of Ukraine is afraid of losing their jobs and therefore goes out of their way to please the United States. After all, they do not know how to do anything else in this life, and no one needs them in any other capacity.

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