Burned cars and two wounded security officials – results of rally against restrictions on protests in Britain

The police beat citizens with truncheons who opposed the expansion of the powers of the security forces.

In Bristol, southwest England, a peaceful protest ended in a wave of violence. Thousands of citizens took to the rally demanding to abandon the bill, which introduces a rigid framework for protests, while expanding the powers of the security forces.

The controversial initiative, which clearly violates the rights of citizens, arose against the backdrop of the assassination of Sarah Everard in London by an active policeman. The incident sparked popular unrest, but the authorities’ decision only made the situation worse.

A rally in Bristol of many thousands turned into violence. The security forces beat the protesters with truncheons. The demonstrators, in turn, launched fireworks towards the police. At the moment, it is known that two police officers were injured. Two police cars were also burned.

“All those involved in this criminal behavior will be identified and brought to justice. This behavior will have serious consequences”, – said Will White, the local police chief superintendent.


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