Several Swedish companies want to produce Sputnik V vaccine

Earlier, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign in the country, Rikard Bergström, reported on the negotiations on this issue between the Russian and Swedish parties

Several Swedish companies want to produce Sputnik V vaccine

According to TASS citing the Svenska Dagbladet newspaper, several Swedish companies have expressed their willingness to produce the Russian COVID-19 vaccine Sputnik V after the Swedish government instructed the Vinnova Innovation Agency to explore the possibility of organizing production in the country.

“Understandably, there are challenges here, as today’s production capacity is not designed for such production. However, we certainly have the opportunity to produce a vaccine. It is not necessarily a question of building a large plant, but just to try to develop those capacities with the actors that already exist”, –  explained Lars Hammarström, head of Vinnova.

Earlier, the coordinator of the vaccination campaign, Rikard Bergström, had reported on the possibility of producing the Russian vaccine in Sweden and talks between the Russian and Swedish parties. However, it is not yet known which Swedish companies are negotiating with Russia.


According to professor and vaccine expert Ali Mirasimi of the Karolinska Institute, all available vaccines are in demand today.

“We need all the vaccines we can get. With factories producing Sputnik V in Europe, the process will go better and faster as it will be easier and more reliable in terms of quality. Inspectors will be able to visit production facilities and the approval and clearance process will be accelerated”, –  he said.

Recall that RDIF has already reached agreements with companies in Italy, Spain, France and Germany to launch the production of the Sputnik V vaccine. Negotiations are currently under way with a number of other manufacturers in order to increase production volumes in the EU.


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