Moscow, Berlin and Paris insist on full observance of ceasefire in Donbass

According to a source, Kiev refused to fully observe the ceasefire during the latest videoconference of the political advisers of the Normandy quartet heads

A source in the Russian delegation told TASS correspondent that a letter sent by the deputy head of the Russian presidential administration, Dmitry Kozak, to his Normandy format colleagues following the meeting said that Kiev had refused to fully observe the ceasefire in Donbass during the latest video conference of the political advisers of the Normandy Four (Germany, Russia, Ukraine, France) heads.

“The letter, according to the source, underlines the intention of Germany, Russia and France to make every effort to ensure that the ceasefire in Donbas is sustainable and comprehensive, in full compliance with the points agreed in the 22 July 2020 contact group on resolving the situation in eastern Ukraine. In particular, they contain a clause stating that return fire in case of offensive actions is allowed only if ordered by the leadership of the armed forces of the parties to the conflict and only after an unsuccessful attempt at a settlement through coordination mechanisms”, –  the statement said.

The letter also records that Moscow, Berlin and Paris “took note” of Ukraine’s refusal to unconditionally implement its 22 July 2020 commitments.


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