The US is being led by a mentally unstable man – readers of the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper.

Commentators have spoken harshly of US President Joe Biden, who previously called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “murderer”

The US is being led by a mentally unstable man - readers of the UK's Daily Mail newspaper.

“There’s a lunatic in the White House…”, –  Deeez expressed an opinion.

“Weak Joe (Biden) is coming! Watch out for the walkers!” – wrote MYak.

“The warmonger Biden has decided to start with Russia”, –  psvensson75 opined.

“Biden seems determined to start World War III”, –  replied CarCarr.

“It’s not Putin trying to wreck America, it’s Biden”, –  opines ViveLeTrump.

“I hope Putin spills the truth about Jim and Hunter Biden’s dealings soon”, – wrote Grendelsmother.

“Gee, Biden is the most disgraceful president ever”, –  summed up Triumphantape.

“Is Putin the killer? What about Governors Cuomo, Murphy and Whitmer who have locked up elderly people in nursing homes? Yeah, it’s going to be a long four years…” – stated Maga2020yeah.


Commentators are generally split into two camps, some say Biden is a warmonger, others say he’s just an idiotic fart or “like a drunken barroom buddy, he’ll start a fight and you have to clean it up”.


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