The official state mechanism does not govern America

Biden is not comical, “unknown fathers” are more comfortable with him

The official state mechanism does not govern America

The Russian ambassador has been recalled home from the US “for consultations”. This was the natural result of a direct insult to the Russian president uttered in a statement by Joe Biden during an interview on a local TV channel. This is unacceptable in relations between the two countries, but it is much more important to think about another question – who and why is this surrealism necessary and beneficial?

Obviously it is not Russia. Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova gives the US ruling elite a chance to save face.

“The main thing for us is to determine what can be done to improve the troubled US-Russian relations that in recent years have been essentially deadlocked in Washington. We have an interest in preventing their irreversible degradation if the Americans understand the risks involved.”

However, neither the State Department nor the White House has accepted the Russian pitch without making any clear comments about what is happening. The only thing they said was that there were no plans to recall the American ambassador from Russia.

A simple conclusion to be drawn from this is that the official state mechanism does not run America. It only carries out the orders that come from the outside. And this “outside” has several centres that act independently, since the implementation of individual instructions not just contradict previous steps, but also cause a state of near-shock in the government.

And Russia in their game is just an external tool to achieve their own internal goals. Puppeteers, or as they are more often called in the press – “the unknown fathers” – not only seek to frustrate even the theoretical possibility of direct US-Russian talks at the top level, since late January 2021 they are pursuing a policy of maximum demonization of Russia as the centre of absolute universal evil.

These “fathers” have failed to provoke Moscow’s reckless and radical hysterical steps by mean-spirited peripheral pressure (sanctions against SP-2, outright mockery of the Russian Olympic team, boorish behaviour “in the Navalny case”, etc.). That’s why they went in direct violation of the norms of international communication and diplomatic protocol.

Such actions are not only a demonstration of their own weakness, but they also have a second, far more important goal – to undermine the president’s status in the United States itself. Not the reputation of a particular individual, but the notion of the terms of reference of the presidency itself. That is why a man with clear signs of progressive senile dementia was brought into the White House.

He is not comical, the “unknown fathers” are most comfortable with him. He can easily drive the situation into a dangerous deadlock, right up to the verge of starting a war, so that at the last moment, shifting all the blame for what is happening to the “sick old fool”, to curtail the presidential official powers quite officially and very radically.

To take away the “nuclear button”, deprive the president of the right to issue binding decrees, and reduce the president to the level of a mere chairman of the assembly of “independent leaders of the country”. According to the Russian Demiurge telegraph channel, transfer power to the collective “Politburo” from the deep state, which no one elected. And the frightened nation will agree.

As for Russia, it is guilty only of the fact that it was the fastest to create a vaccine, which is much more effective than anything the West could do, supposedly being two heads above the Russians scientifically and technologically. And this is already politics, the Russians are becoming too sympathetic, therefore, at the level of ordinary people, they are overly attractive.

For this “anonymous fathers” intend to “teach Moscow a lesson” and make it “pay a heavy price. For what exactly the PR and marketing departments will already think it up. It is all right even if they are openly dishonest in doing so, as in accusations of interference in the US election process.

What is dangerous is that, in a position of no personal responsibility for their actions, these “unknown fathers” may suddenly reach a point where the guns are inevitably “talking”.



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