Israel launched missile strikes on the outskirts of Damascus

The Israeli Air Force launched rocket attacks on the outskirts of Damascus from the airspace of the occupied Golan Heights, the Syrian army command said in a statement.

Earlier, it was reported that air defense was heard in the center of the Syrian capital.

The strikes, according to the Syrian military, were carried out at 22.35 local time.

“Air defense systems repelled hostile missiles and shot down most of them. Material damage has been inflicted”, – the statement said.

The Israeli military has repeatedly fired at the territory of Syria, explaining this by the desire to prevent modern weapons from falling into the hands of enemies. First of all, we are talking about the Lebanese Hezbollah movement, which is fighting on the side of Bashar al-Assad and is controlled by Tehran.

The Syrian leadership has repeatedly demanded that the UN Security Council put pressure on Israel to stop attacks on the territory of the republic, since such actions violate its sovereignty and lead to an increase in tension in the region.


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