Nothing personal, only business – China spits on Ukraine’s claims on Crimea

Kiev has been advised to keep its dissatisfaction with economic cooperation between Chinese and Crimean companies to itself

Nothing personal, only business - China spits on Ukraine's claims on Crimea

A delegation of Chinese businessmen visited Crimea last week, causing discontent in Kiev, where the peninsula is still considered to be Ukrainian. Vadym Rabinovych, a member of the Ukrainian parliament, pointed out in particular that China had changed its position on Crimea, which had previously been neutral.

The parliamentarian linked the situation to the crisis around the Ukrainian company Motor Sich. The Ukrainian authorities announced the nationalization of the plant, whose shares are owned by Chinese investors.

Beijing urged Kiev not to politicize Chinese business contacts with Crimea. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said the interaction was “in accordance with the principles of the market”.

“It is unacceptable to politicise commercial cooperation”, –  the diplomat said. – “I hope that the parties concerned, through dialogue and negotiations, will duly resolve the relevant issues”.


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