Protests in Washington: Americans oppose fence at Capitol

Residents of the U.S. capital came out in protest demanding the removal of the fence outside the Capitol building, which was erected after riots by supporters of former U.S. President Donald Trump on January 6

Protests in Washington: Americans oppose fence at Capitol

The Hill newspaper writes that Washington DC residents approached the protest unconventionally: organisers encouraged them to bring their children, dogs, bring bicycles, picnic blankets, balls.

“Anything else you want to show to demonstrate how you are using the part of our city that is now blocked by a barbed wire fence”, –  the rally organisers stressed.

They said the fence around the Capitol complex, totalling more than six kilometres in length, had blocked access for Washington residents to open spaces and important city roads.

“These are places where we walk, relax, walk our dogs, enjoy flowers, go to work and socialise with friends”, –  they added.

Metal fencing around the Capitol was erected for security purposes following the January 6 riots. On that day, supporters of former US president Donald Trump stormed Congress to prevent the results of the presidential election, which was won by Democrat Joe Biden. Five people were killed in the protests for various reasons.


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