Media: Sputnik V vaccine could boost Russia’s influence

The Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine, which has already been approved in 51 countries, could significantly boost Russia’s influence in the international arena, according to the author of US news platform Medium

Media: Sputnik V vaccine could boost Russia's influence

Author Medium believes that the publication of the Russian coronavirus vaccine in the authoritative scientific journal The Lancet marked “a technological and innovative breakthrough for the Russian Federation”.

“Many nations among this number have purchased batches of vaccines or contracted for local production of vaccines that cost about half as much as their Western counterparts. Russia’s scientific breakthrough could lead to changes at the geopolitical level”, –  the publication’s expert believes.

According to him, with an effective and safe vaccine against the Sputnik V coronavirus, Russia can “win the minds and hearts” of the people of many countries. Currently, the Russian vaccine has already been registered in 51 countries.


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