Expert tells how the U.S. is depriving Ukraine of financial flows in the midst of crisis

The Kiev authorities have made an extremely controversial decision, making Ukraine even more dependent on Western creditors

Expert tells how the U.S. is depriving Ukraine of financial flows in the midst of crisis

As News Front earlier reported, the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine has decided to nationalize the Motor Sich company. This move contrasts with the mass privatisation that Volodymyr Zelenski arranged. But even more remarkable is that the company is owned by Chinese investors.

Back in 2016, the Chinese company Skyrizon bought a 56% stake in Motor Sich. The production facility that Ukraine inherited from the Soviet Union was experiencing bad times. Most of its orders came from Russia. When relations between the two countries deteriorated, Russian engineers quickly found a way to replace the Ukrainian product. Motor Sich, for its part, was on the verge of extinction.

Although Beijing had little interest in the Ukrainian aircraft manufacturer, it was prepared to pay for unique Soviet technology. This fact displeased the US, which put pressure on the Ukrainian authorities. Kiev did not dare to defy Washington and for years violated the rights of shareholders, which led to numerous lawsuits.

Nationalization of the plant would take the crisis to a new level, completely destroying Ukraine’s investment appeal. The country would be deprived of a substantial part of its income, says publicist Anatoliy Wasserman in a commentary for

According to Wasserman, Kiev took such dubious measures under pressure from Western elites, who have no interest in Ukraine diversifying its financial flows, thus weakening the influence of the United States.

“Ukraine will come to the point when it will be deprived of foreign investors altogether”, –  the expert said. – “Actually, this is what the masters of most of the world’s terrorists, including Kiev’s terrorists, the USA, want. They want Ukraine to lose most of its sources of income and to become more dependent on foreign handouts.”


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