British authorities to declare Russia ‘biggest threat’

British authorities, under the pretext of some “aggressive incursions”, are prepared to call Russia “the biggest threat posed by the state”

British authorities to declare Russia 'biggest threat'

The Sunday Times reports this, citing a review of security, defence, and foreign policy which is not expected to be available until Tuesday, March 16.

In the report, the authors described Russia as “the biggest threat posed by the state”, attributing its position to “frequent aggressive incursions” by Russia into UK water and airspace. They also recalled the events in Salisbury, when London falsely accused Moscow of trying to poison defector Sergei Skripal.

It is noteworthy that China is named in the document only as a “competitor” of the United Kingdom.

The authors also outlined in the report plans to build Britain’s offensive capabilities in cyberspace to counter Russia and the PRC.

“The key threat to Britain comes from Russia”, –  a government source told the publication. – “China is viewed in a different way in the review. China is a competitor trying to steal intellectual property and is a threat to economic security. But this is different from what happened in Salisbury.”


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