U.S. refuses to renew residence permits for Russian diplomats

Consul General of Russia in Houston Alexander Zakharov said that the United States not only delays the process of issuing visas to employees of the Russian diplomatic mission, but also does not extend the residence permits for current diplomats.

U.S. refuses to renew residence permits for Russian diplomats

“For several years now, the Consulate General has been functioning in an incomplete staffing precisely because of the tough visa policy of our American colleagues. It has become common to wait for visas for a year or more, while the result is not guaranteed. People are forced to return to Russia without replacements, which, as you understand, has a very negative effect on the ability to effectively fulfill the tasks assigned to us”, – Zakharov noted.

He also stressed that the United States is now not only delaying the issuance of visas for new employees, but also refusing to renew the residence permits for employees of Russian missions abroad who are already in the country.

“It turns out that if any of my colleagues who find themselves in such a situation have an urgent need to go to Russia, whether on an official or personal occasion, they can no longer enter America. A kind of “one-way ticket” in the middle of a business trip”, – said the Consul General.

Zakharov expressed the hope that the American side will reconsider its position and “return to constructive negotiations on visa issues”.


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