To make Biden like it – expert told how Ukraine is preparing complete destruction of opposition

The ruling Ukrainian elites are plotting unprecedented repression, and American “champions of democracy” will praise such measures.

To make Biden like it - expert told how Ukraine is preparing complete destruction of opposition

As News Front reported earlier, Zelensky had previously blocked the work of three objectionable TV channels NewsOne, ZIK and 112 Ukraine by his decree. These controversial measures were taken despite criticism from the European Union and international organizations. But the president did not confine himself to violating freedom of speech, targeting the same objectionable opposition.

The target was the Opposition Platform, a party that advocates the normalization of relations with Russia and criticizes Western government interference in Ukrainian affairs. For Volodymyr Zelensky, attacks on one of its leaders, Viktor Medvedchuk, are of particular value, said Pavel Rudyakov, head of the Ukrainian information and analytical center Perspektiva.

On Thursday, March 11, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine will decide on the arrest of Medvedchuk. It is noteworthy that Western countries are in no hurry to condemn this step as a political struggle with opponents, although they did not spare criticism when the real crimes of the oligarch and ex-president Petro Poroshenko were investigated in Kiev.

“This should be viewed from the point of view of external management”, – explains Rudyakov.

“Moreover, not only from the point of view of management through direct instructions from the United States or the ambassadors of the Big Seven, but also from the point of view of the internal censorship of the Ukrainian government. It is more terrible than the outside. Zelensky and his advisers want Biden to like it, they want to show that they are not enemies”.

With a high degree of probability, the ruling elites of Ukraine will indeed be able to please Washington. American Democrats will be happy to get rid of Ukrainian political forces that are considered pro-Russian. At the same time, practice shows that democrats are ready to hypocritically sacrifice democracy when it suits their interests.

Thus, the Joe Biden administration in early February approved Zelensky’s repression against opposition television channels. American diplomats then said that violation of international norms is allowed if it is done under the pretext of “fighting the harmful influence of Russia”.

“We must all work together to prevent disinformation from being used as a weapon in an information war against sovereign states”, – the US embassy communiqué said.

However, if Zelenskiy succeeds in his adventure, there will be no real opposition in Ukraine at all, warns Rudyakov.

“I believe they will still manage to defeat the Opposition Platform. It will be taken out of active political life one way or another”, – the expert stated.


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