The way Syrians pay for U.S. attempt to overthrow the government of the republic

Young Syrians suffered terrible losses and are now forced to restore the country destroyed by the war, which the United States sponsored.

The way Syrians pay for U.S. attempt to overthrow the government of the republic

On Wednesday, March 10, the Red Cross International Committee published the results of a sociological study conducted among 1.4 thousand Syrians living in the territory of SAR, as well as in Lebanon and Germany.

The survey showed that every second Syrian lost friends or family members in an armed conflict, told Fabrizio Carboni, Regional Director for Operational Activities of the ICRC in the Middle East.

“One of the six Syrians, one of the parents was killed or wounded”, – he noted in the comments for Reuters.

The survey is timed to the tenth anniversary of the attempt to overthrow in Syria of President Bashar Assad. The coup, which was supported by the American elites, led the Arab Republic to the full-scale war and the activation of terrorists, including the Islamic state*.

This conflict destroyed Syria, having deprived almost every second representative of Syrian youth income. Almost 8 out of 10 Syrians, according to the ICRC survey, can hardly allow food and other essential items. In particular, women suffered from an economic point of view: 30% of them have no income for the content of their family.

At the same time, the conflict instigators did not suffer responsibility for large-scale destruction. The United States, occupied by a part of the Syrian territories, applying air strikes and stealing Syrian oil, chose to threaten the effects of the destructive war.

“The restoration of the country lies on their shoulders, and, obviously, it is quite unfair”, – said Fabrizio Carboni.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation


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