Zelensky’s anti-rating has already reached 61.2%

According to this indicator of the negative attitude of Ukrainian citizens to their president, Zelensky came close to Petro Poroshenko, whose anti-rating is 69.7%

According to tg-channel “Resident”, a source in the Office of the President of Ukraine said that the latest results of closed sociology showed the growth of Zelensky’s anti-rating, which already amounts to 61.2%, on this indicator the current president is very close to Poroshenko whose 69.7%.

“He promised to stop the war, but he continued it. Promised to reduce tariffs, but continued raising them. Promised to stop discrimination and the banning of the Russian language, but continued all that. Promised a victory over corruption, but continued his endless fight against it. The people responded with their contempt. But it’s all Putin’s fault and the pro-Russian propagandists. Not Zelensky, who has simply become a second Poroshenko. Don’t stop, Zelensky! And come on, goodbye already”, –  the head of the Housing Union of Ukraine Oleksandr Skubchenko commented on the information from the OP.


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