Swedish scientists recognise Sputnik V as world’s most effective vaccine

Researchers from Umeå University, along with researchers from Germany and the Netherlands, have discovered that some vaccines enter the cell differently than previously thought, meaning they can work better than other vaccines

According to a-tv.md, SVT Nyheter, citing a publication in the scientific journal PNAS, researchers from Sweden’s Umeå University have stated that Sputnik V works more effectively against coronavirus than all other vaccines. Niklas Arnberg, professor of virology at Umeå University, noted the role of the hexone protein, which acts as a “key” to the cell.

“It used to be thought that all vaccines that used adenovirus as a vector used protein S as the ‘key’ to enter cells. But when we tried to replicate this in the lab, we could not prove it. We then began to study another protein, the so-called hexon protein, and saw that this particular protein acts as a ‘key’ into the cell,” said the professor, stressing that vaccines with hexon proteins as ‘keys’ are more effective than vaccines that use protein S.


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