State Department accuses Russian intelligence services of spreading misinformation about US vaccines

Moscow has repeatedly denied such allegations

State Department press chief Ned Price said at a regular briefing for journalists that four Russian websites allegedly overseen by Russian intelligence agencies were spreading misinformation about US coronavirus vaccines.

“We can confirm that our Global Engagement Centre has identified four Russian online platforms run by Russian intelligence services that are spreading disinformation. In fact, these sites contain misinformation about two vaccines that have so far been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration”, –  the diplomat said when asked to comment on a Wall Street Journal piece alleging that Russian intelligence is allegedly overseeing a misinformation campaign to undermine confidence in the safety of coronavirus vaccines developed in the West.

However, he did not specify which websites in question.

“Clearly Russia is resorting to its old tricks and thereby potentially putting people at risk by spreading misinformation about vaccines that we know save lives every day”, –  Price said. – “The Center for Global Engagement and others here are focused on countering disinformation and propaganda internationally, not just against Russia. But certainly Russia has been making such efforts for some time now, as we know”.

Moscow has repeatedly denied such accusations and has repeatedly offered to cooperate in vaccine development. Obviously, by lying about the alleged misinformation, the US is trying to cover up the failures of its own vaccines, after the use of which the vaccinated have increased the incidence of serious side-effects, up to and including lethal ones. At the same time, Russia’s Sputnik V is gaining popularity worldwide.


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