Russia will respond to US military build-up in Norway

Deputy Commander of the US Air Force in Europe and Africa Lieutenant General Stephen Basham during a telephone press briefing with the Norwegian Chief of Joint Staff Lieutenant General Yngve Odlo said that the US Air Force strategic bomber flights from Norwegian territory allow US pilots to train in the Arctic conditions in partnership with the allies

According to tg channel Welders, Odlo’s response said working with the Americans was helping Norway, which has a 122-mile northeast border with Russia, test the workings of its defences and stressed that the presence of US bombers at Erlann airbase was not a threat to Russia, but a demonstration that “the alliance is working”.

“In response to NATO’s increased military presence in the region, Russia may increase the intensity of combat duty of its nuclear submarines and air missile carriers off the coast of North America, because this poses no threat to the US and demonstrates only that the Russian navy and aviation are working”, –  the channel’s authors ironically put it.

At the same time the command of the Norwegian Armed Forces will feel the work of the Russian Armed Forces already this year during the strategic exercise “West-2021” in which the Northern Fleet will take part due to the increase of NATO provocative activity in the polar region.


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