Political analyst: Sandu may apply to CC to solve the political crisis

According to Pavel Midrigan, the risk for Sandu is very high in conditions if consultations with parliamentary factions are not held before March 23

Political scientist Pavel Midrigan believes that after March 23, Sandu may turn to the CC to resolve the political crisis, the anti-Maidan 2.0 (Moldovan version) tg channel reports.

“Assuming that nothing happens before March 23, Maia Sandu, in order to prepare a decree on the dissolution of parliament and set a date for elections, should apply to the CC in advance with motivation: why does she think that parliament should be dissolved? The CC would then ask simple questions: “Have you tried to identify a candidate for prime minister? I don’t exclude that the CC will say that the conditions for the dissolution of parliament have not been met and give a negative opinion”, – Midrigan said.

It is worth noting that the CC scenario is complicated because of the unpredictability of judges and pressure from ambassadors. The court’s recent rulings do not suggest that the institution is independent or opposed to Sandu and her superiors. The CC continues to be influenced by politicians and Western ambassadors.


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